Lago (LA)

Lago, offered in a Supermat finish, is a very pale, even slightly bleached wood. Scandinavian inspired, this pale blonde is a timeless choice!

Sheer Beauty (BN)

Sheer Beauty reveals the natural aspect of noble wood species such as American white oak. Its Karisma finish brilliantly reproduces the richness of natural wood.

Free Spirit (EL)

Free Spirit (Karisma) is somewhere between white and gray. It's a smart choice that lets you create a bright atmosphere without the glare of pure white.

First Class (ST)

First Class, with its deep brown tones and grayish accents, is perfect for a more hushed atmosphere. This one also has a Karisma finish.

More richness with FENIX®

Known for its beauty and sophisticated finish based on nanotechnology, the FENIX® finish also has several very practical properties. It resists scratches, which disappear thanks to thermal regeneration. It also absorbs light, creating an extremely matte surface. FENIX® laminates are very silky and offer a unique user experience.

Already offered in black, Artopex adds 3 new FENIX® colors: Grigio Bromo, Grigio Londra and Bianco Kos.

Grigio Bromo (GB)

A rich and trendy color, Grigio Bromo is a cool bluish gray that will turn any head.

Grigio Londra (GL)

Grigio Londra is a truly unique warm gray in earth tones.

Bianco Kos (BK)

Bianco Kos is a beautiful matte white, one of the purest on the market, that blends perfectly with any decor.

Nero Ingo (FN)

Already available since 2018, FENIX® Black will now be referred to as Nero Ingo.

Endless and colorful possibilities

The Artopex enamel chart will be enhanced with four matte colors (Hypermats) corresponding to the FENIX®, for a total of 34 options. With limited uses in the past, enamel colors will be offered for the vast majority of metal components and products.

Architects and designers will be able to develop harmonious color palettes that will be applied to their choice of furniture and Artopex components. Thanks to a wide range of metal paint colors, companies will be able to show their personality, from the chair leg to the components of the Axel collection.

The best part is that the creativity here is priceless: there are no additional fees for specified components in the 34 colors. Here are some examples of applications:

And there's more...

In keeping with the new color theme, the black Techno (MB) and L (ML) pulls will be offered in white. The bases of the adjustable tables II will be offered in black, silver and white. Finally, all laminate colors will now be available for Axel tiles.


To learn more about our range of colors and their properties, please download the finish cards below. You can see all our finishes and textiles here.